PhD Students

If you are interested in studying for a PhD with me then please send me a copy of your CV and a 6 page proposal reviewing the literature, stating your questions and outlining your methods. Current and completed student projects are:

Hannah McCarrick. Famers, Soil and ICT. Grantham funded. Began 2017

John Nko. Green Eonomy and Pastoralism in Tanzania. Grantham funded. Began 2017

Laure Joanny. Surveillance and Biosecurity. ERC funded. Began 2016

Hannah Dickinson. Biosecurity and poaching. ERC funded. Began 2016

Will Mitchell. Networks and conservation effectiveness. ESRC funded. Began 2017

Alex Dorgan. Forestry and Investment in Tanzania. ESRC funded. Began 2014.

Chris Flower. ILC and Ethiopian pastoralism. Grantham funded. Began 2014

Ruth John. Based at the University of Dar es Salaam working on partnerships in Sustainable Wildlife Management. DANIDA funded. Began 2016

Mathew Bukhi Mabele. ‘Rethinking sustainability under neoliberal environmental policy: Political ecology, deforestation discourses and conservation practices in Tanzania.’ University of Zurich, Departmental Scholarship. Began Sept 2014.

Rachel Bathurst. 2019. ‘A Theological Critique of Sustainability.’ Helen Lucas Doctoral Scholarship. Began Sept 2014

Edward Ademolu. 2018. ‘The African Diaspora and Representations of Africa.’ self-funded, (Manchester University) Listen to a summary of Edward’s research here.

Jonas Bruun. 2017. ‘The Implications for Development of Climate Finance Governance.’ (Manchester University)

Robert Watt. 2016. ‘The Moral Economy of Offsets.’ (Manchester University)

Paul James. 2016. ‘Smallholder Sugar Farming in South Africa.’ (Manchester University)

Judith Krauss. 2015. ‘Certified Cocoa, Carbon and Climate Change’ (Manchester University)

Jessica Hope. 2015. ‘The Road to Where? A Political ecology of Post-Neoliberalism: Negotiations of Extractive-Led Development, Indigeneity and Conservation in the Isiboro Secure Indigenous Territory and National Park (TIPNIS), Bolivia.’ (Manchester University)

Antonio Allegretti. 2015. ‘Money, markets and power. Maasai pastoralists and the cash economy, Tanzania.’ (Manchester University)

Andreas Scheba. 2014. ‘Commodifying forest carbon: How local power, politics and livelihood practices shape REDD+ in Lindi Region, Tanzania.’ (Manchester University)

Ashish Aggarwal. 2014. ‘The Promise and Performance of Carbon Forestry: Analyzing Carbon, Biodiversity and Livelihoods in Two Projects in India.’ (Manchester University)

Melanie Stroebel. 2014. ‘Protecting holidays forever: Tourism, climate change and global governance’. (Manchester University)

Mathilde Matroit. 2014. ‘Micofinance Institutions and Practices in Bangladesh’.(Manchester University)

Carlos Ferreira. 2013. ‘Biodiversity offsets: market emergence, intermediation and the construction of marketable nature(s).’ (Manchester University)

Katherine Scholfield. 2013. ‘Transnational (Dis)connections: Mountain Gorilla Conservation in Rwanda and the DRC.’ (Manchester University)

Sumana Datta. 2012. ‘Climate change policies and local forest management in India.’ (Manchester University)

Lucy Scott. 2010. ‘Giving Assets: An Effective Approach for Reducing Vulnerability and Building Livelihoods?  The Case of the Chars Livelihoods Programme. (Manchester University)

Hilary Gilbert 2010. ‘Everything has its price’. Conservation, Development and Bedu in St Katherine Protectorate, South Sinai.’ (Manchester University).

George Holmes. 2009. ‘The power of international conservation, and local resistance to it: A case study from the Dominican Republic.’ (Manchester University).

Emmanuel Nuesiri. 2009. ‘Community-based conservation, and the politics of decentralised forest management in Cameroon.’ (Oxford University).

Hassan Sachedina. 2008. ‘Wildlife are our Oil. Conservation, Pastoralism and NGOs in the Tarangire Ecosystem, Tanzania.’ (Oxford University). Hassan’s thesis was awarded the the Harold K. Schneider Student Prize in Economic Anthropology and the Audrey Richards’ Prize for best Africanist thesis in the UK 2008-9.

Anna Larsen. 2006. ‘Mountain farmers in the Upper Selška Valley: Negotiating agri-environmental production options in Slovenia.’ (Oxford University)

Lauren Rickards. 2006. ‘Capable, enlightened and masculine. Constructing English agriculturalist ideals in formal agricultural education 1845-2003.’ (Oxford University)