I work at the University of Sheffield where I direct the Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID).

The work described on this site is driven by an abiding interest in inequality and how it is perpetrated by different forms of environmental and conservation policy, by different forms of environmental management, by livelihood change in rural areas and by  representations of all of these. This means I have spent a fair amount of time trying to understand how livelihoods, and measures of equality are changing in different parts of the world, and what drives those changes, whether it be the political economy of specific conservation or agricultural policies, or the visions, ideals and media imagery which fuel particular policies.

This website acts as a portal for my various research and teaching interests exploring these issues. If you want to peruse my publications or learn more about my colleagues’ or students’ work then please visit the relevant pages on this site. I have provided a short bio, and for a PDF of my CV (updated Dec 2017) please click here; a two-pager of the same is available here. Thanks for visiting, comments and feedback are always welcome. I can be contacted at:

d <dot> brockington <at> sheffield <dot> ac <dot> uk

This page was updated on Jan 4th 2018.