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This website provides a way of exploring my different research interests, projects and publications. From here you can access all the different websites which describe current and past research projects. You can view my academic books and papers  (and download pdfs of published work). I have also set up a page for my comedy writing and children’s fiction, or you can find out more about the children’s fiction at this site.

I have provided a short bio, and for a short PDF of my CV (updated Jan 2023) please click here; a full version is available here.

You can also explore my work through Researchgate or Google Scholar.

I work at the Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals (ICTA) in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona where I am an ICREA research Professor. Comments and feedback are always welcome. I can be contacted at:

daniel <dot> brockington <at> uab <dot> cat

This page was updated on Jan 28 2023.