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African Fiction for Older Children

MDPI Journals 2015-2021

A Checklist of Questions about Open Access Publishing

MDPI Experience Survey

MDPI Journals 2015-2020

MDPI Journals 2015-2019

MDPI Journals 2015-2018

Diverse issues in Global Challenges

The Strange Neglect of Diversity within Microfinance Institutions

The Sesame Seed Cash Injection: Asset Investment and Economic Change in Mtowisa Village, Rukwa Region 2000-2016

If we ever have a ‘Green Economy’ would we know that we live in one?

Measuring and Measurement: A new volume of Environment and Society

New Development Data – Excitements and Limitations

New Development Data – the Limits to Monitoring and Need for Counterfactuals

Tackling Global Problems with Brand Aid

It’s time to take ‘the case for colonialism’ as seriously as it deserves


NGO explorer – a fantastic resource (written by Chris Jordan)

The apparent decline of ‘overseas development / famine relief’ charities in the UK

The evidence suggests that support for UK development NGOs is actually growing

Aid scepticism isn’t damaging donations to international charities – but it might in future

A brief guide to Conservation NGOs


A Press release from the Half-Earth movement

Building constructive engagements between social science and conservation

Tigers, elephants ask: what have royals ever done for us?

Celebrity matters

Celebrity advocacy and post-democracy

Consuming celebrity advocacy

Constructing celebrity advocacy

How to Save the World: A Handbook for Celebrities

Celebrity, Charisma and the Environmental Movement