This site does provides the links to bespoke websites which explain different research projects in more detail. This page provides an overview.

I am currently working on a new research programme which explores trends in agricultural change, livelihoods and prosperity. This includes two projects, both funded by DfID/ESRC, on long term livelihood change in Tanzania and irrigation in Africa. I am also collaborating with Nicola Banks on a project that is mapping the development NGO network in the UK.

This work on agricultural change is the latest manifestation of about 20 years of work on environmentalism, conservation and what is now called ‘the Green Economy’. For an overview of this research programme please visit this site.

An offshoot of my research into capitalism and conservation lead to a study of the work of celebrity in environmental affairs, this blossomed into a full study of the broader interaction of celebrity advocacy in international development. That project is described here.

Finally if you want to know more about my research into microfinance in Tanzania, please email me. A copy of the paper I wrote on that is available here.