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Copies of almost all my writings are available as PDFs. These PDFs are found further down the page where publications are listed by order of year.

1. Books

Please click on cover of each book for more information. PDFs of most of the books are also available in the list of publications by year below. Reviews of these books are available below the cover pages.

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Book Reviews (click on the links below to access)

Fortress Conservation: Collated Reviews; Swara Review

Nature Unbound: Camargo Review; Pawson Review

Celebrity and the Environment: Noe Review; Sullivan Review

Celebrity Advocacy and International Development: Reid Review; Tomáš Profant Review

The Anthropology of Conservation NGOs: Neves Review; Small Review

Prosperity in Rural Africa: Kilby Review; Bryceson & Maina Review; Coulson Review; Yaro review

2. Publications by Year


Ponte, S., Noe, C. and Brockington, D. (eds) 2022. Contested Sustainability: The Political Ecology of Conservation and Development in Tanzania. James Currey, Martlesham. PDF

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