Comedy & Fiction


I intermittently published short comedy pieces in the journal Current Conservation. These have lead to a collaboration with Kartik Shanker (the founding editor of the journal) in which ‘Kart el Shockington’ expresses his frustration and surprise at the state of thinking in conservation.

A Brief Guide to (Conservation) NGOs

Celebrity, Charisma and the Environmental Movement

It’s Time to Take ‘the Case for Colonisation’ as Seriously as it Deserves.

Kart el Schockington

Half Earth is Half-Hearted. Make way for Thanos and the Half-Universe

Compassionate Halfism

The Planthood of Persons


I have completed an upper middle grade novel called How to Steal a Mountain that is awaiting publication. I am represented by Bieke van Aggelen of the African Literary Agency.

I have written this blog about the availability of this sort of literature.