Comedy & Fiction


I intermittently published short comedy pieces in the journal Current Conservation. These have lead to a collaboration with Kartik Shanker (the founding editor of the journal) in which ‘Kart el Shockington’ expresses his frustration and surprise at the state of thinking in conservation.

A Brief Guide to (Conservation) NGOs

Celebrity, Charisma and the Environmental Movement

It’s Time to Take ‘the Case for Colonisation’ as Seriously as it Deserves.

Kart el Schockington:

Half Earth is Half-Hearted. Make way for Thanos and the Half-Universe

Compassionate Halfism

The Planthood of Persons

All Hail the Nature Zoo

Don’t look at me in that tone of voice


I have completed an upper middle grade novel called How to Steal a Mountain that is awaiting publication. I am represented by Bieke van Aggelen of the African Literary Agency.

I have written this blog about the availability of this sort of literature.